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I can’t believe we got over the line: Eoin Morgan

English captain Eoin Morgan still cannot believe that they have finally come out as winner of the world cup 2019.



I can’t believe we got over the line: Eoin Morgan
Eoin Morgan thinks this win means a lot to him but it will not change his life. Photo: AFP

Under the leadership of Eoin Morgan, England are of course elated to be the new world champions but no one, really, can say that New Zealand were any less deserving to hold the title.

The Kiwis did not lose the game either by wickets or runs – what had just decided their fate was a ‘rule’; the rule which has been severely criticized since it’s application in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 final, as a rather ‘silly’ one.

The fifty over contest was tied – so did the super over and England came out winning by hitting greater number of boundaries in the match than their opponents.

“I can’t believe we have got over the line,” Eoin Morgan simply defined the terms of feelings after the nerve draining contest leading to their maiden World Cup glory.

“It’s been an absolutely incredible journey to everybody around the country,” Morgan said; his team was however rated as the tournament favorites but at one stage saw the edges as well towards reaching the final four.

“I encouraged them to smile, laugh, enjoy because it was such a ridiculous situation, where there was quite a lot of pressure in that particular moment of the day, never mind the rest of it,” said Morgan.

“The fact it got to a super over and we had that to defend. It was a matter of trying to put smiles on the guys’ faces to release a bit of tension and the guys responded brilliantly to that,” he added.

When he was asked whether becoming the captain of the England’s first ever World Cup win could change his life, Morgan said he hopes not to.

“I’m not sure it has. I hope it hasn’t changed that much. I enjoy my life. I lead quite a quiet one, so I hope it hasn’t changed too much. I would love it to change for everybody else who wants it to change, but I enjoy my life,” he said.


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