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I’m always a burden in franchise cricket when I don’t score runs: Chris Gayle

Defending champion Jozi Stars lost the match and thrown out the competition after six consecutive losses. 



Chris Gayle bids farewell from Mzansi Super League. Photo: MSL T20

One of the most highly demanded cricketers in franchise cricket around the world, Caribbean star Chris Gayle, bid an explosive farewell from Mzansi Super League after ending what could be termed as a disastrous campaign for him.

Playing for Jozi Stars, Gayle scored just 101 runs from six innings.

The 40-year old Gayle lamented for not being respected for what he have done; he said people rushes to criticism as soon as he fails.

“As soon as I don’t perform for two or three games, then Chris Gayle is the burden for the team,”

he said.

“I am not talking for this team only. This is something I have analysed over the years playing franchise cricket. Chris Gayle is always a burden if I don’t score runs, two, three, four times. It seems like that one particular individual is the burden for the team.

“And then you will hear bickering. I am not going to get respect. People don’t remember what you have done for them. I don’t get respect,” he added.

The 2019 edition of the Mzansi Super League saw Gayle failing haplessly in first five innings collecting only 47 runs before celebrating a characteristically shot-studded half-century in the sixth on Sunday.

However, the defending champion Jozi Stars lost the match by 20-run against Tshwane Spartans on and got out of the competition after six consecutive losses.

Criticizing the team’s performance as well, Gayle said, “This is not a champion team. This is not how defending champions should play to defend the title.”

“Chris Gayle never get no respect. Once Chris Gayle fails, it’s the end of his career, he is no good, he is the worst player and all these other things.

“I’ve generally overcome these things and I expect these things and I have lived with these things,” the Caribbean giant tormentingly said.


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