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Immediate goal is to make connections: Domingo

Newly appointed Bangladesh head coach Russell Domingo is looking to adapt himself with the sub-continent culture.



Immediate goal is to make connections: Domingo
Russell Domingo arrives in Bangladesh. Photo: PBA Agency

Newly appointed Bangladesh head coach Russell Domingo, upon his arrival on Wednesday, said he is looking for an adaption in the sub-continent where he has joined for the first time in his career.

The 44-year old former South African coach replaced Steve Rhodes following Bangladesh’s dismal team performance in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

Domingo said it is the coaching staff who will have to adjust with the condition first rather than expecting the cricketers to do so.

“My immediate goal is to make some sort of connection with the players, to understand the players, build some relationships over the next week or two – I think that’s massively important,”

he said.

“Try and gain the players’ trust, see how the players go about their work. It’s very much an observatory role the next couple of days, to just see how they go about their business and take some learning from that,” he pointed out.

Emphasizing on the supply chain for the national team, the head coach said he will have a look towards the grass-root level of cricketers also.

Domingo said, “I think I am very aware of how important feeder systems are. That’s where your next tier of players comes from. I want to place a lot of emphasis on monitoring the players just beneath the national side.”

Outlining his forthcoming plan, the Proteas coach said, “After our series against Zimbabwe and Afghanistan, I’m hoping to go to Sri Lanka to watch the A side play – the A-side has a tour to Sri Lanka in the middle of September and I’m hoping to watch them in those games.

“It’s impossible to watch all the cricket, there’s no doubt about that.

“I’ve got to make sure I surround myself with the people I can trust, selectors who are going to give me good inputs, connect with the high-performance coaches, with the ‘A’ side coaches, and find out who they think the best players are that we can invite closer to the national side, but it’s impossible to watch each and every game,” he added.

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