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Inaugural Euro T20 Slam postponed until 2020

The inaugural edition of the Euro T20 Slam has been postponed until 2020.



Inaugural Euro T20 Slam postponed until 2020
Eoin Morgan was selected 'Icon' of Dublin Chiefs in Euro T20 Slam 2019. Photo: Telegraph UK

The inaugural edition of the Euro T20 Slam has been postponed until 2020; the organizers of the competition confirmed the adjournment on Thursday. 

The newly formed league is about to begin in two weeks on August 30. The 33 match competition was scheduled to culminate with the final on September 22.

Euro T20 Slam was set to be the first such franchise based T20 tournament jointly hosted across multiple ICC member nations.

Having franchises in Dublin, Belfast, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Glasgow and Edinburgh, the local cricketers from all three countries Ireland, Scotland and the Netherlands would be expected to play for teams from their respective countries. 

Warren Deutrom, the chief executive of Cricket Ireland, expressed his disappointment over the decision and urged “increased comfort that the organisers will be able to avoid a repeat of this year’s challenges in future editions”.

While explaining the postponement of the competition, Prashant Mishra, the founder, said, “We want to ensure that the inaugural staging of the Euro T20 Slam provides the best springboard to making this a truly flagship event on the global cricket calendar.

“As such, we believe the right course of action is to postpone the Slam to a further date. This will give us the necessary breathing space to ensure we are ready to go.

“We will work with the three cricket boards, our principal investors, the franchise owners, players and other stakeholders within the game to ensure we fulfil any commitments we have made to the extent possible. We want to ensure the goodwill and integrity that we have built up rolls on into 2020,” he said.

England’s maiden World Cup-winning captain Eoin Morgan who had been selected as the “icon” player for the Dublin Chiefs in July’s draft of Euro T20 Slam 2019, earlier exclaimed how excited he is to participate in such a league.

“I never thought I’d play cricket for Dublin. I grew up watching the Dublin (Gaelic) football team do special things but to play cricket for Dublin is brilliant.

“It feels weird now but when you think about everything that is going on with Irish and Scottish cricket – Scotland turned (England) over last year, which was great for the game – it’s important to lay a platform to give people opportunities to play on a more consistent basis against some of the best players in the world.

“It’s brilliant and I think there’s a market for it as well,” he concluded.

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