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Indian batsmen showed too much respect to Afghan spinners!



Indian batsmen showed too much respect to Afghan spinners

The mighty Indian batting line-up was restricted to an unexpected below par score of 224 against Afghanistan.

Gulbadin Nabi led side exhibited much worthy show of performance against hot favorite India but ultimately failed to produce the much needed win after their strong neighbors escaped to a 11-run win.

Former Indian captain Krishnamachari Srikkanth, however, have not come with words of appreciation for Afghan bowlers rather he accused his country’s batsmen of showing ‘too much respect’ to Afghan spinners.

“The wicket was slightly slow but frankly speaking, I think India got a bit stuck in the middle overs and should have played a little bit more freely,” said Srikkanth who was a member of India’s 1983 World Cup winning squad.

“They gave a little bit too much respect to Afghanistan’s spinners because while the Afghans bowled well – especially Nabi, Mujeeb Ur Rahman and Rashid Khan – they didn’t do so well that India should have been restricted to 225. But they got the win, which was important.

Srikkanth also told despite being unexpected, it would be good for India to get a little push back in the big tournament.

“I don’t think anyone expected such a close match but it’s great for the World Cup and probably a good thing for India as well because it’s a kind of shock treatment that means they won’t take anything for granted moving forward,” he said.

“It can be a blessing in disguise – England know now to watch out and they have learned they can’t take any team lightly.

“Perhaps it will be the same for India with the Afghanistan game – a blessing in disguise. They won but you suddenly realize that if one, two and three aren’t going to click in your batting line-up, what are four, five and six going to do?” he said.


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