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Years of unhappiness for England versus progressive Kiwis



Years of unhappiness for England versus progressive Kiwis

It has been staggering 27 years England have had to wait for a World Cup final and the wait to lift a title – its forever for the colonist of the sport of cricket. So at the penultimate end of this edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, it ‘has came home’ for the home team in true sense.

They are everywhere in the privy of the World Cup final at the isle of cricket in Lord’s pressing New Zealand at the edge.

But to be honest, New Zealand have been at the edge since the beginning of the competition; no one counted the Kiwis to come to this far no matter however consecutive they were in the contest.

The less populated Trans-Tasman nation bettered many of the better teams in this World Cup with gruesome team performance. They slipped a bit from the tract losing successive matches against Pakistan and Australia, but strong they were in coming back.

The semi-final was supposed to be a hard fought contest for New Zealand but it turned upside down for India who severely struggled to survive the glory but lost at the end.

The existing terms, however, made New Zealand a true contender for a maiden World Cup glory.

Kane Williamson, leading the side with skill and calculations, said the calculation is still easy for his team. “I prefer winning than losing. That is probably the best way to say it” that what he said – of course, nothing could be easier to think in this situation.

And if New Zealand hold the nerve for the big game like the way Martin Guptill kept things in order to catch Dhoni two inches behind the margin, it could be their day.

“It is always any experience that you have is an opportunity to learn and sometimes tough experiences, being on the wrong side of results, can sometimes slap you in the face and give you a glaring lesson and if you ignore that, I don’t think that is a positive thing. So treating both of those, the outcomes with respect and trying to learn from them to be better as a group and as an individual I think is the best part,” Williamson said.

Notwithstanding anything new, England have been hot favorites from quite a sometime before starting the tournament. Although rough rain curtailed equations for the home team in the midst of the competition, they were never been out of sorts.

“It means a huge amount to me and everybody in the changing room. It’s a culmination of four years of hard work, dedication, a lot of planning and it presents a huge opportunity to go on and try and win a World Cup,” said England captain Eoin Morgan at the pre-match press conference.

And he also did not forget that the pressure is on the other side.

“I certainly feel pretty relaxed. It is nice to be home. I’m also very excited about tomorrow. We’re going to enjoy the game regardless. We’re going to try and take in as much as we can, it’s a world cup final, and we’re not going to shy away from that. As long as anything doesn’t affect performance, we’re going to try and take it in,” he said.

The final horn of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is going to be whistled at 10:30 AM (Local Time) in London.

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