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Zimbabwe government denies interference in cricket

Zimbabwe sports minister Kirsty Coventry has denied allegation of interference of the government in Zimbabwe Cricket governance.



Zimbabwe government denies interference in cricket
Kirsty Coventry feels 'devastated' after ICC suspends Zimbabwe. Photo: AFP

Zimbabwe sports minister Kirsty Coventry on Friday has denied any sort of interference in cricket’s governance from the part of the government.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Tuesday, suspended Zimbabwe with immediate effect on account of political intervention.

Zimbabwe’s Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) had suspended Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) board in June and formed an interim committee to manage cricketing affairs in the country. Such decisions, however, hastened ICC to impose the suspension.

Coventry, a former Olympic swimming champion, said she was “devastated” hearing the ICC’s decision regarding Zimbabwe cricket and strongly denied any political interference.

She further said that although the SRC was appointed by the sports minister, “SRC is not government –- they are a public body.”

“There is need for good governance at ZC for the international success we all want to see,” she added.

All-rounder Sikandar Raza, who bid adieu to international cricket following the suspension, delivered a pathetic statement regarding the situation of Zimbabwe cricketers at present.

He said, “How one decision has made so many people unemployed… how one decision has ended so many careers. Certainly not how I wanted to say goodbye to international cricket.”

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