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Bangladesh U-18 look for Championship



U18 boys ready for finale against India

Exactly 2 years back September 27 Bangladesh defeated Bhutan during the league match at U-18 tournament.
Yesterday Bangladeshi young guns thrashed Bhutan by 4-0 in the semi-final match at Armed Police Force Stadium.Bangladesh team secured their place in the finale at the SAFF U-18 Championship.
In another semi-final India defeated Maldives by 4-0.
Although Bangladesh best became runners up in the 2017 edition of the tournament,held in a round robin format, the boys of red and green never been qualified for final before in regional youth championship, which is now being held in tournament format,just as it had been in the 2015 inaugural edition.

Bangladesh made their exit from the semifinal stage during that inaugural edition following a 3-4 defeat in tie breakers to India.They also had to be satisfied with a second place finish in a round robin formatted second edition after losing 2-1 to Nepal in the group stages. This time two teams will take the battle field in the finale.

The red and green boys shown outstanding performance throughout the tournament.
The most significant part of this team is defense.Bangladeshi boys didn’t conceive a single goal.Defender Tanvir,Yasin Arafat & Rahat Mia was like Great China Wall against other teams.At semi final Bhutan played with small passes while Bangladeshi coach Adrew Pitter tactics was counter attack.Boys followed their teachers lessons very well.
At the end of the match Captain Yasin Arafat said,”today we all played well.We followed our coach’s instructions.We are hoping to continue the same performance in the final & become champion of the tournament.

Coach also praised his boys.
He said,”their finishing was awesome.They are discipline in both on the field & of the field.They followed my instructions.Now we are looking forword to get the trophy.”

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